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Prepare for the half-day assessment

Two women talking in reception

Securing an interview with us is a real achievement in itself. We understand that this is a big step for you – so to make things easier when you attend, here’s what to expect.

‘I found the interview process here really positive, the people that I met on that interview day were so friendly and welcoming; I knew I would enjoying working here.’
Lucy Fallen, trainee

If your application is successful, congratulations! It means we're interested in you, and we think you might have what it takes to be an international commercial lawyer at Freshfields.

We’ll invite you to a half-day assessment at our London office during which there’ll be two hour-long interviews.

General interview

The general interview is your opportunity to tell us more about you and your skills – including examples of things you’ve done that demonstrate your best qualities. There are no traps: we want to give you every chance to tell us why you’d make a good trainee at Freshfields.

Tip: Think of examples from your life that show you are good at working in a team, have stuck at a difficult task or have pushed yourself. These are all things we’re looking for in our future trainees.

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Analytical interview

The analytical interview is more about assessing your ‘business mind’.

We’ll give you 20 minutes to read a press article, possibly from the Financial Times or the Economist. We’ll then ask you questions about what you’ve read.

It’s not a test of what you already know about the business world. Instead we want to get a sense of how well you think on your feet, and allow you to show your curiosity about commercial and legal themes.

Tip: In both interviews, we’ll give you lots of time to ask our interviewers questions. It’s a good idea to prepare several questions in advance (we won’t mind if you’ve written them down).

'You need to have done some deep thinking about yourself and be quite self-aware in order to be able to answer our questions, however it is that we might ask them.’
Richard Thexton, partner

Written exercise

You’ll have a 45-minute written exercise to complete on the day. A lot of our work for clients is in writing, so we want to see how you organise what you write, and how well you can spot key concepts and convey them to the reader.

You’ll do this before the first interview.

Tour of the building

Between the two interviews, you’ll spend time with a trainee, who will give you a tour of the office and answer your questions in a more informal setting.

Tip: Ask the trainee about anything you like during the tour – your questions won’t go any further!

'A good lawyer at a firm like ours has various attributes: an interest in business; time management skills; the ability to work well in teams; and so on. Think of some examples that demonstrate these traits.’
Andrew Austin, graduate recruitment partner
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