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Lucy Fallen

Trainee Lucy Fallen shares her thoughts on the interview process and what it was like to work on the biggest merger in UK history.

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The culture at Freshfields really is what attracted me.

Choosing between large international firms is ultimately a personal decision. I think it has to be the one that just feels right.

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In my first six months I worked on the biggest merger in UK history.

To start as a trainee on the AB InBev-SABMiller deal was amazing. Freshfields is a great place to work: the work is stimulating and the people are great.

There is pressure but working in a team means it’s never all on you.

Most of my experience has been in corporate, doing M&A work. As a trainee you are largely working on process-driven tasks – there’s a lot of proof reading and sense checking – but there are definitely opportunities to get involved in drafting and more exciting tasks. That increases as you go through your training contract – as you become more senior you become more confident and you can take on more complicated tasks.

Everyone who applies here has similar qualifications – you need something else.

It’s really important to show something other than just your academic skills. Try to demonstrate that you are dynamic, interesting and someone that everyone here would want to work with. But I would also advise applicants not to worry. Spend time on other skills, as well as exams and studying. And don’t rush anything.

I found the Freshfields interview process really positive.

Having done work experience at the firm I knew I really liked it, but I was encouraged by how friendly and welcoming the people I met on that interview day were. Freshfields felt like somewhere that I could work.

London is an amazing city.

It’s just a fantastic place to work. I commute from Hertfordshire so I’m really lucky in that I have the best of both worlds; a bit of the country and a bit of the city.

Freshfields is a very supportive place.

There is a lot of flexibility and support to allow you to have interests outside of work. And the training is the best you could ask for – it will set you up for life.

Freshfields in three words: dynamic, supportive and friendly.
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