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Life after qualification

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When we recruit trainees, we’re aiming to recruit the Freshfields associates and partners of the future. Here’s what life is like after you qualify.

'The way I see it, we recruit fantastic trainees. We want them all to qualify with us and go on to become great lawyers.’
Richard Thexton, partner

Beyond the training contract

Our trainees are the future of our firm. We offer high-quality training, coaching and mentoring because we want to recruit the associates and partners who will lead our firm in the decades to come.

So when your training contract is over, it doesn’t mean that your training is at an end.

We aim to continue to develop your skills as you grow through the firm, and our ‘career milestones’ scheme starts where your training contract left off.

We’ll keep giving you more responsibility as you gain more experience, so you can keep learning throughout your career.

Staying at Freshfields

The vast majority of our trainees qualify into the firm. If you’re one of them, you’ll receive a salary of £85,000 as a newly qualified associate.

You’ll also be offered the chance of four weeks’ unpaid leave between your training contract and starting as a newly qualified associate – a very popular choice!

And if you’ve trained with us but do, at some point, decide to leave, the experience you’ll have gained at Freshfields will open doors elsewhere.