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Campus ambassadors

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Here's your chance to work for one of the world's best law firms, build your network and get a head start on your career.

Become a Freshfields campus ambassador

As a Freshfields campus ambassador, you’ll represent us at your university. You’ll be responsible for organising events and coming up with ways to promote Freshfields and our events across your university.

This role is open to students in their first, second or penultimate year of study from a selection of universities. You’ll gain valuable skills by helping to promote our fairs and events to students at your university.

The campus ambassador role is open to students at the universities listed below.

Application window: 3 October 2016 – 3 April 2017

Date: 2017/18 academic year

Am I eligible?

For your application to succeed, you’ll need to be:

  • a university undergraduate attending one of the universities we’re recruiting from;
  • a first, second or penultimate law or non-law student in 2017/2018 who’s interested in commercial law; and
  • ambitious, organised, reliable and creative.

The benefits to you

If your application is successful, you’ll get:

  • a place on the Freshfields campus ambassador workshop;
  • Freshfields experience on your CV;
  • great training;
  • fantastic networking opportunities;
  • marketing and events experience;
  • £500 a year; and
  • flexible part-time hours you can fit around studies.

How to apply

We recruit from the following universities:

  • Birmingham;
  • Bristol;
  • Durham;
  • Edinburgh;
  • Exeter;
  • King’s College London;
  • Leeds;
  • LSE;
  • Manchester;
  • Nottingham;
  • Queen’s University Belfast;
  • Sheffield;
  • Southampton;
  • St Andrews;
  • UCL;
  • Warwick.

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Apply Now

Ready to apply? Start filling in your application form now (you’ll be directed to our online application site).